Sports Programs

PT Works is fully able to work with athletes of all ages and athletic levels.  Whether you are a seasoned golfer, a high school soccer player, or an adult that enjoys going running on weekends, we can help you and are committed to helping you get back to health as soon as possible.

Sports injuries are generally dealt with on a per client basis with a tailor made program developed for each athlete.  The conditions surrounding a runner’s injury may be completely different than an injury sustained while golfing, which can differ tremendously from an injury incurred while playing basketball.  Common types of sports related injuries include:

  • Head and Neck Injuries
  • Back Injuries
  • Torn Knee Ligaments (ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, Meniscus)
  • Shoulder Injuries (Torn Rotator Cuffs, Broken Collar Bones)
  • Elbow Issues (Hyper-extension, Tennis Elbow, Overuse)
  • Overuse Related Injuries
  • Sprained Ankles
  • Hand Injuries

Many athletically related injuries can heal faster when combined with physical therapy treatment.  To learn more about how physical therapy treatment can speed up the healing process, feel free to give us a call..