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PT Works provides physical therapy services.  Whether you are recovering from surgery or working to rehab a sports related injury, our team is dedicated to restoring your health.

Our licensed staff is highly trained and well qualified to help you get back to health as soon as possible.  All of our physical therapists are board certified and equipped to assist patients with all types of conditions.

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Advantages to Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a proven way to help the body heal and recover from issues that affect the musculoskeletal system.  It covers a wide variety of issues and conditions that vary in severity.  Physical therapists are trained to assist anyone that has minor conditions such as back pain to major conditions such as amputee rehabilitation and wound care.

Physical therapists are trained health professionals that are committed to relieving pain, improving functionality, and restoring health.  To find out if physical therapy is right for you, ask your doctor.

Therapeutic Procedures

A variety of modalities are made available by the skilled staff at PT Works. These modern technology administered methods include: Estim – Electronic Stimulation, Ultrasound, and Kinesio Taping. Physical Therapy methods include therabans, exercise balls and other various equipment aides.

Scheduling an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, call our office at
+1 (612) 315-5682
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